Kathy provides a wealth of experience, qualifications, and certification in neonatal and postnatal health care
to provide an individual plan for you and your infant.
Pregnancy – optimal foetal positioning, sacroiliac instability
Postnatal – pelvic alignment & core strength
Newborn wellbeing – helping unsettled crying & fussiness
Breastfeeding challenges – poor latching, swallowing, pulling off, painful nipples
Craniofacial asymmetry & addressing plagiocephaly (flat head)
Postural asymmetry correction
Low muscle tone & vestibular balancing
Sensory Processing Disorders and integration
Retained Primitive Reflexes
Developmental delay

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    Q What can I expect from my first appointment?

    We often hear comments from our new practice members that our practice has a lovely energy as soon as one enters the reception area. Our aim is to make you feel welcome and at home. You will be greeted with a friendly smile by one of our Universal Chiropractic team members on arrival. There will be some formalities with this appointment to complete before meeting with your chiropractor.

    Thorough Examination
    The chiropractor will discuss your concerns and your health goals with you as well as completing a thorough examination to determine if chiropractic will be the best fit for you. If it is we will let you know and if not we will let you know that too! A brief outline of the cause for your health concern will follow at your second appointment.

    Q Do I need subsequent appointments?

    Helping you Reach your Goals
    Like a regular workout at the gym, each appointment builds on the ones before. Miss an appointment and you could lose the momentum necessary to make the required changes and reach your health goals. We recognize your time is valuable so we do everything possible to run on time minimizing the impact on your already busy life.

    If this approach makes as much sense to you as it does to us, we’d like an opportunity to meet you and discuss your options in person. Ring Universal Chiropractic today.

    Q Do you have additional training to care for babies and children?

    Dr. Kathy (Chiropractor) has undertaken additional training in the chiropractic care of children and infants from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). She is certified by the ICPA and is certified in the use of the Webster technique. Over the last two years, she has been undertaking the Neurodevelopmental Paediatric Diplomate program.

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