Imagine not feeling overwhelmed or stressed? What would it be like if you could balance your new mum role and find time for you again?
Be where the focus is entirely on you. Sharing your story with a caring professional can be incredibly healing. Taking control of your thoughts and behaviours – so you can truely be who you want to be – is liberating.

Hello, I’m Lisa. I support wonderful women to shift their worries and overcome life’s challenges. As a professional woman, and a wife and mother to three thriving children in a blended family environment, I understand that life can be complicated, and that sometimes you just need someone to listen. As a practicing counsellor, I am here to listen to you, and to help you take simple, practical steps to improve your situation, ease the struggles and take charge of your mind.
I can address your concerns including:
– Parenting and relationships;
– Anxiety and stress;
– Emotions and self esteem;
– Pre- and post-natal mental health;
– Life transitions including divorce and separation; and
– Grief and loss
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Located at Fisher Allied Health, Fisher or ‘walk & talk’ session in 3 Canberra locations – ask me.

You matter. Let’s talk.