Meet The Seed Cycle, a little box of hope designed to help you finally restore hormonal balance, naturally. We’ve taken the guesswork out of seed cycling with our done-for-you seed blends, curated to provide exactly what you need, when you need it at every stage of your menstrual cycle. 

No missed doses. No DIY blending. Just the magic of seed cycling, delivered straight to your door.

Choose from a one-off purchase or opt in for a subscription to ensure you never run out.

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    Q Can I use The Seed Cycle if I am on the Pill?

    Yes, seed cycling can be used while on the Pill and can help support its effects.

    There are many women seed cycling while on the Pill and benefiting from the nutritional value of the seeds.

    Seed cycling can also help you adjust to a regular menstrual cycle when getting off the Pill.

    Q How long before I see results?

    You may start to see differences after 1 month of seed cycling, usually though it does take 3-6 months to see changes. All results are very individual.

    Q What if I have lost my period or have irregular periods?

    Always start by consulting your health practitioner if you have lost your period. If seed cycling is right for you and your circumstances you can start cycling using the moon phases.

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