At North Canberra Osteopathy we have a special interest in paediatric osteopathy. We love helping babies feed, and helping babies who are unsettled and uncomfortable. We also offer pre and postnatal osteopathic care, and general osteopathy.

Q What is an osteopath?

Osteopaths are university educated allied health professionals. We are primarily manual therapists, and use hands-on treatment to care for our patients.

Q Do you treat newborn and older babies?

Treating babies, toddlers and school age children is a special interest we have at North Canberra Osteopathy. Anna and Betsy look after babies and children, and Betsy also has further training in scoliosis assessment and management for teens.

We see a range of conditions including musculoskeletal and neurological issues, movement concerns, breastfeeding issues, birth trauma, and scoliosis.

We have lots of techniques we use during a paediatric consult to relax and reassure our little patients. Often our baby patients fall asleep during their consult, or sleep right through it. Our techniques are gentle, relaxing and often a bit like a massage. There’s nothing fast, or rough. If you can bring your child’s blue book in for their first appointment that’s a great help to us.

Throughout your child’s appointment we will explain and guide you through what we are doing and why. We’re more than happy to talk to you before you book in, if you need some more information on how osteo might be able to help your child.

If you would like to gift someone an appointment for their baby, please follow the link here to purchase a voucher.

Q Can I see an Osteo during my pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of great change in a mother’s body, and along with that can come all sorts of aches and pains. Back and neck pain, pubic symphysis pain, breathlessness and heartburn, ligament pain from the growing uterus; it’s hard work growing another human!

Osteopathy’s approach to treating through pregnancy is from the feet up. The techniques are tailored to be safe and gentle, and our osteopaths can treat all sorts of things with the patient lying comfortably on their side. As well as treating pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain, we can assist with preparing your body for birth, and with your postnatal recovery.

Q Do you offer massage therapy at North Canberra Osteopathy?

At North Canberra Osteopathy Clinic we offer massage therapy sessions on a Sunday. Massage therapy is a hands-on technique specifically for soft tissues of the body. Soft tissue includes muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons, fat and nerves. Techniques can be applied to all areas of the body including back, face, hands, elbows, knees and feet.

Massage therapy is a very versatile treatment as the technique can be applied in either a firm or light method to achieve different results. A lighter technique may be used to relieve stress or to help relieve swelling. A firmer technique may be used to reduce pain and muscular tension. Whichever style you are after, you can notify the practitioner at the start of your appointment and adjust accordingly.

Massage is a great therapy to compliment your Osteopathic treatment plan which is why we offer it at our clinic. Our therapist are often very busy and if you can’t find a suitable time we recommend a few local massage clinics. For more information please visit our resources page.

We also offer massage therapy gift cards.

Q Do you sell any products that may aid my recovery or wellbeing?

At North Canberra Osteopathy we offer a range a great products that can be complimentary to your treatment. This includes supplements, heat packs and pillow, massage equipment, orthotics and strapping tape. Some of our more well known brands include Bioceuticals, Fisiocrem, Rocktape, Hotteeze, Footlogics, Therapeutic Pillows, Thermoskin and Archies Thongs.

If you can not get to the clinic, we can offer you shipping at a flat rate of $10.

If you have any questions regarding our returns and refunds policy you can view it here.

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