At Neilan Stramandinoli Family Law, we pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence, proven track record and strong expertise in family law.  We understand how emotional and difficult family law can be, which is why we exercise a blend of our skills, compassion and emotional intelligence to best guide you through these difficult times so you can achieve your best possible outcome.

Here are some of the ways we assist our clients:

  • Advising clients about the law surrounding parenting arrangements, including complex parenting matters involving very young children.
  • Navigating clients through property settlement matters (how to divide their assets after separation), including matters which  involve companies, trusts and business structures.

  • Advising in matters where there are allegations that one party has “wasted” assets through behaviour such as gambling and other addictions.

  • Advising clients about how the law deals with division of superannuation (including  Commonwealth defined benefit schemes such as the CSS and PSS, retirement pensions, invalidity pensions).

  • Assisting clients in negotiations, mediations, collaborative law and Court litigation where necessary.

  • Assisting clients in vulnerable positions about options to access funds for their support.

  • Assisting clients with prenuptial agreements and other Financial Agreements.

  • Advising clients about the law where a parent is dealing with serious mental health issues, addiction issues or other risk issues.

  • Surrogacy matters and obtaining parentage Orders in the Supreme Court.

  • Matters where there is a dispute about whether Australia or another country is a better forum to deal with a dispute.

  • Preparing settlement agreements to protect the property rights of clients.

  • Matters involving family or domestic violence allegations and proceedings in either the Magistrates Court/Local Courts/Family Law Court concerning domestic violence or family violence matters.

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