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Misty Henkel is an Author, Speaker and Sales Trainer. 

She helps coaches, network marketers and mumpreneurs increase their sales through workshops, group classes, and personal coaching sessions.

+ overcome sales anxiety

+ improve your selling skills

+ start your business

Q What book has Misty published?

Misty is the author of
"Overcoming Sales Anxiety: How to get noticed in the marketplace so that you can make more money"

"Overcoming Obscurity: How to get noticed in the marketplace so that you can make more money"

This simple little sales book addresses the number one sales problem WE ALL have in business: OBSCURITY - Not enough people know who we are yet and not enough people associate us with our product.
Australia shipping $30: https://checkout.square.site/buy/FZLDNJKMWKWEE2MHWSXZTGY4
International shipping $40: https://checkout.square.site/buy/LTLIJYHJEBZLV6VKRJ72BMZ3

Q What Group Sales Training does Misty offer?

Misty is offering Group Sales Training:

$75/year membership/12 months unlimited group sales classes. Learn sales tips and develop your selling skills in a practice environment

Q What if I want to book Misty for one on one coaching?

Misty is available for personal coaching:

The cost of help should not be a barrier for you to get help.

Personal coaching sessions: $20.21 per session

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