Supporting Families through the rollercoaster of parenting.

Do you have a child whose behaviour is disrupting family life?

Is overwhelm and frustration have you feeling like a failure?

Do you just wish your partner would understand the issues and be on the same page?

Chances are, back before kids, you felt you did ok in life.  You probably felt reasonably confident, and then parenthood happened.

You wanted it, you planned for it, now you have it, and it’s not quite what you expected.

Regardless of which stage of parenting you are in in life, communication and relationships can be rocky.  

No matter what we’ve done and how we’ve prepared, or not, nothing can ever 100% prepare us for what we will go through as a parent.  It can’t because we are dealing with humans, and they all come with their own quirks.

We might be adults, and that’s about as far as our expertise as a parent goes.  Meaning, we were once children.  Our parenting experience develops from ground zero when our child arrives.

When we are willing to develop a collaborative learning relationship with our child, we increase our chances of success.

Being a parent is one of the best personal development journeys we can have, if we lean in and accept that we are not the experts.

We don’t have to be the experts, and when challenges arise, leaning into the mentors you have access to.  Not always our parents for a whole variety of reasons.  

No disrespect to our parents, they, like us, are operating with the limits of the knowledge available and do the best they knew how and were capable of at the time.

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  • Accepts Credit Cards:Yes
    Q What qualifications do you have?

    As a parent coach, in addition to being the mother of four now adult children. I am trained as a Professional Master Coach, with specialist training in Emotional Intimacy, Positive Psychology, Human Development and Behaviour and Thinking Styles Profiling.

    Q Do you do assessments?

    I am trained in the use of a variety of research informed evidenced based tools to support with gaining a better understanding of where to support you to gain most efficient and effective progress.

    Q How do you deliver services?

    My services are primarily delivered over zoom. This has worked well as clients tend to have young families and enables easier logistics management for attending appointments.

    There are also online self paced services that are also available.

    Q What kinds of services to you deliver?

    Group programs
    Online self paced programs
    Online programs with group and VIP 1:1 support
    Coming soon membership with online hottest group coaching style support.

    Q Terms of Payment

    Fees paid in advance in accordance with the terms of the specific service you have engaged with.

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