Kangatraining is a complete workout during which both cardiovascular endurance/flexibility and muscular capacity/strength are enhance. 

Kangatraining is specifically designed for postnatal women – it is the ultimate babywearing workout for mums and bubs. We focus on rebuilding your entire body after pregnancy and birth, through a fun & energetic class. 

Benefits of Kangatraining

  • no need for a babysitter
  • total body workout
  • promotes mother and baby bonding
  • positive outcomes for postnatal depression
  • social, meeting other like-minded mothers
  • relaxed and fun environment
  • creates a support structure
  • promotes healthy mind and body
  • promotes safe and healthy baby wearing

We currently provide both the indoor Kangatraining classes, and the outdoor KangaMix program if you prefer fresh air and bub in a pram!

Additional Details

  • Accepts Credit Cards:Yes
  • Offers After Pay:Yes
    Q How long after giving birth can I start Kangatraining?

    You’re welcome at Kangatraining anywhere from 6 weeks post vaginal birth or 12 weeks post c-section birth.
    If you have any concerns please let us know about the advice from your health professional.

    Q Do you offer free trials?

    Yes I do!! I encourage you to book in and see how truly supportive our classes are!

    Q How much is a lesson?

    You can attend casually for $25, or purchase a 3 class pass for $66 or a 10 class pass for $200. The passes have no expiry - come when you can!!

    Q What is covered in a class?

    We do strength and cardio building exercises like lunges, squats, barre, dancing, core floor work, pelvic floor exercises (and more!) all in the space of one hour.

    Q Can I still do Kanga with pelvic floor issues and abdominal separation?

    The great news is YES!
    Kangatraining is a postpartum-safe exercise program designed by midwives and physiotherapists.
    Kangatraining specifically works on rehabilitating your core and pelvic floor after birth.
    We pride ourselves on our expertise in postnatal fitness and recovery.
    We can also collaborate with your Women’s Health/Pelvic Health Physio to tailor your workout to suit your body's needs.

    Q Can I use my own carrier?

    YES! As long a s it meets our criteria for insurance purposes.
    Carriers and wraps used in Kangatraining need to
    * Support the babies back in natural "C" shape using soft moulded fabrics
    * Allow the baby to face inwards towards the wearer o the front or back
    * Support the babies hips and legs in the "M" or "Froggy" position
    * Have 2 shoulders, a chest clip or pass, a waist band or pass, and head support for those Kanga naps
    * Be the appropriate weight limit for your baby/child
    If you are unsure if your carrier is suitable please bring it along to class and I will assess it AND don't worry if your carrier isn't suitable for Kanga or you don't have a carrier as I have plenty to loan - free of charge!

    Q Can Dads, Grandparents and other carers participate in Kangatraining?

    We are inclusive of all carers. We encourage attendance of anyone significant in a baby’s life, especially given the magical bonding/attachment science that babywearing provides to the brains of the baby and the wearer.
    For insurance purposes, and to cater safely to everyone in our classes, we do require any and all participants complete a health questionnaire.

    Q How do I book!!

    Current open classes can be found here:

    Note the Kangatraining Open is our indoor classes, and KangaMix is our outdoor program where you can use a carrier or a pram.

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