Help your child reach their potential!
GymbaROO will show you how!
Learn lots of insights about early childhood development, and have lots of fun with this structured program that lays solid foundations for school years.
All our programs are specifically designed to develop essential motor skills in children and to inform parents of the importance of early childhood development to health, learning, and behaviour. Our classes are led by professionally trained early childhood specialists (teachers or nurses) and use specialised equipment and activities specifically designed to stimulate your child’s physical, psychological, and social development.
There is nothing quite as rewarding as being actively involved in your child’s development – watch them brighten with excitement, participate with enthusiasm, and help them experience the joy of learning.
Q What is GymbaROO?

GymbaROO is a high quality, research based, neuro-developmental activity program for babies and children from birth to five years and their parents. It is proudly, and uniquely Australian. Our program has been offered for over thirty-five years, and is indisputably Australia’s most popular and successful parent-child education program. Our programs come highly recommended by many professionals and our GymbaROO classes have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of babies, children and parents in Australia and worldwide.

GymbaROO stands out as being the ONLY parent-child program in the world that specialises in research-based, neuro-developmental, fun, learning environments for babies to school aged children and their parents. It is also the only program in the world that has integrated key developmental activities, essential for complete development in each age and stage, into an all-encompassing program.

Everything we do at GymbaROO is about ensuring that each child has the opportunity to lay down the crucial foundations for later learning and for fostering the normal sequence of development that enables children to be successful learners at school and in life, all of this in a fun and fabulous learning environment!

At GymbaROO we understand the important role that parents play in their child’s early development and we pride ourselves on delivering to our parents the best and most up to date information regarding the importance of the early years to later development and learning. At GymbaROO, parents learn how to help their children maximise learning potential through fun, developmentally appropriate activities, giving them the best start in learning and life.

Q What happens during a class?

Every song sung, every game played and every activity at GymbaROO is specifically designed to increase a child’s capability to learn.

At GymbaROO you join other local families and experience the wonderful socialisation, learning and movement opportunities involved in our program.

During your class you and your child will be guided through a wide range of fun and loving activities that are perfect for the developing brain and body. Together with your child you will actively engage in our program and sing, learn hand plays, exercise, experience massage, music, dance, games and play with the beautiful colourful parachute. You and your child will also enjoy small equipment activities using beanbags, balls, hoops, swisher ribbons, ropes… just to mention a few. We have a special ‘Treasure Bag’ time, loved by the children and important for language, social interaction, tactile experiences and imagination. All of this plus the fun and learning of the specialised GymbaROO big equipment!

Watch as your child brightens with excitement and participates with great enthusiasm. Be actively involved as he/she experiences the pure joy of learning!

Throughout each term your teaching team will share with you important information, helping you understand your child’s development and why each activity helps to build key brain pathways essential for healthy neurological development.

Q How old does my baby/child need to be to start GymbaROO?

You can join GymbaROO at any time during your child’s first five years, however the earlier the better! The earlier you start GymbaROO, the more of a difference you can make to your child’s future learning ability.

During pregnancy: Healthy brain development begins before birth. Read about how to start your GymbaROO journey during pregnancy here.

From birth to six weeks: When you and your baby are ready, you can gently begin the movement experiences and learning opportunities included in our enormously popular free online Active Babies Smart Kids BabyROO video series. These can be started from the earliest weeks after birth and are easy, natural, loving and fantastic for bonding.

From six weeks to five years: You can begin GymbaROO classes at a centre with your baby once he/she reaches six weeks of age and you can continue right up until five years of age.

Q When are classes and how long do they go for?

At GymbaROO we enrol on a term basis. This is usually ten weeks, however may vary depending on State primary school terms. You bring your baby or child to your class once a week during term time. Classes typically run for 45 minutes however this may vary with developmental ages and stages.

Q Parent handouts and home activity suggestions

At GymbaROO we know that the role you play in the first years of your child’s development is one of the most important tasks you will ever undertake as a parent. You are your child’s first, most important and best teacher. We also understand that it can be hard to take in a lot of information at once, especially whilst you are attending to your child during class time so, throughout the term you will receive take home parent information sheets and activity suggestions. These are designed to help consolidate your understanding of key developmental stages, to be shared with other carers of your child, and to provide you with daily activities you can do at home with to promote neurological excellence in these crucial early years of early development.

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