Put Some ‘Bling’ in your Life and Brighten Your Day

Would you love to have a conversation to connect with heart-centred women about life’s ups and downs and the many challenges you are facing in your role as a mum-to-be, whether it’s your first or fifth time?

Would you love some guidance, direction or even confirmation of the questions you have in your mind?
Well, then a session with a BLING Angel is just what you need. 

Overall, the aim of the session is to give you a sense of certainty, wellbeing and hope. Sessions can be held in person or online via zoom. Do it alone, or bring your mum, sister/s, friends. Either way, you’re in for an experience that’s fun uplifting and insightful. 

It’s also a great gift for your Baby Shower, or maybe even as a unique format for your Baby Shower!!

What is a Bling Angel Session?

A Bling Angel Session is:

  • a guided opportunity for you to ask a question and be supported by your
    Bling Angel, 
  • a safe and supportive session to tune in to your own answers. Using the cards from the Find your Bling game, your Bling Angel will help you access the answers you desire.
  • an intuitive session which will give you confidence and support you in moving forward, trusting you have the answers inside you.
  • a space to help you move through that fork in the road towards healthy and positive changes to focus on what is truly important to you and what you are truly capable of.

The Bling Angels are heart-centred women who operate under The Bling Code:

  • We Believe in our clients until they do.
  • We Love and listen with an open heart.
  • We Inspire women to connect to their intuition.
  • We Nurture others as well as ourselves.
  • We Gift women permission to be themselves.

Bling Angel Services.

The Bling Angels are small businesswomen who have wide and varied backgrounds, each with her own skills, training and life experience that she brings to her Bling Angel specialist niche.

Each Bling Angel incorporates the ‘Find Your Bling’ manifesting game or card readings into the regular services provided in her business.

You can:

Play the game at home with family and friends – cost determined on a case-by-case basis. Perfect format for your Baby Shower.

Games evenings – held at a public venue

Fundraising events format and cost determined on a case by case basis.

Meet the Bling Angels here.

Q What is a Bling Angel?

A Bling Angel is someone who has completed certification with Angie Rassi, the creator of Find Your Bling™, to use the Find Your Bling™ cards and board in a business capacity to help their clients to achieve their own breakthroughs. This could be during individual sessions, workshops, events or otherwise.

Q What is Find Your Bling?

The Find Your Bling™ game is an intuitive board game that helps you think about what you truly want and guides you on a path to finding your answers. The cards are designed to help you gain insights, clarity, and direction on a question you want to be answered.

Q What are Bling Angel Sessions?

A Bling Angel session can be anywhere from a 20-minute session to 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours. It involves each player writing down the specific discovery question they would like insight, clarity and direction on. Think about an area of your life you would like to focus on….is it your health, career, friendships, relationships, home, wealth or passion project?

Each player reads out their question. Then via the roll of a dice, players move around the board, picking up cards as indicated and discussing the questions or statements on the cards in relation to the player’s initial question.

Q Do you do individual or group sessions?


You can have individual sessions or group sessions.

You can have a session online or potentially face to face.

Please note, if you are interested in a face to face session, please contact your selected Bling Angel directly to discuss.