Entire Physio’s goal is “To provide an inclusive, supportive, holistic healthcare environment that offers evidence-based treatments in a single multidisciplinary practice.”.

Entire Physio aims to support new parents and their children both physically and emotionally.  Our practitioners and support staff are all highly empathetic, highly skilled and come with years of experience.

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  • Offers After Pay: No
  • Accepts Credit Cards:Yes
    Q Can I use my private health fund to claim at your services?

    Yes! We have a HICAPs facility at our practice ready for on the spot rebates. Therapies at our clinic linked with HICAPs include:
    Exercise Physiology
    Exercise Classes
    Massage Therapy

    Q What does Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Involve?

    Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is a service used to help you rehabilitate following birth or from a pelvic floor condition. Common things we treat include: post pregnancy muscle weakness, mild-moderate prolapse, overactive pelvic floor muscles, overactive bladder conditions, post menopausal pelvic floor changes, correct bowel evacuation advice, as well as healthy habits for your pelvic floor for the rest of your life.

    Assessments and treatments are always explained to patients thoroughly before they consent to a service. You are always within your rights to refuse a service or choose less invasive options. Assessments include internal vaginal examinations, real-time ultrasound assessments or generalised advice based on the information you provide.

    Q What does Mastitis Physiotherapy Involve?

    Mastitis is a painful lactating breast condition causing both local and systemic illness to the woman. It can be either infective or non-infective.
    At Entire Physio we have specially trained physios who use therapeutic ultrasound to break down and clear blocked ducts and ease mastitis symptoms whether you are on antibiotics or not.
    Therapeutic ultrasound should be used ASAP on the first onset of symptoms so please call the clinic to arrange an urgent appointment and our receptionists will fit you in.

    Q Do we have a carpark and ramp access?

    Absolutely! We have a flat off-street carpark located directly next to our clinic with accessibility ramp located at the back of the building.

    Q Pre/Peri Natal Clinical Exercise Classes

    Join us for a class targeted at assisting you through your pregnancy journey, preparing you for birth and rehabbing you post birth; whether you have a caesarean or vaginal delivery. Please call the clinic to arrange your pre-screening appointment where we will ensure you can safely join our class and check your technique on abdominal/pelvic floor activation and spinal positioning for movements.

    Q What is involved in Infant Massage Training.

    Join Paola as she takes you through 2xsessions educating you on how to massage your baby and which oils to use. Benefits of infant massage include:
    - Reducing crying time
    - Improving sleep and regulating sleep patterns
    - Is ideal for pre-term infants
    - Enhancing emotions and improving mood
    - Reducing symptoms of eczema
    - Enhancing coordination
    - Relieving sinus and chest congestion
    - Improving wind, reflux and constipation
    - Reducing stress hormone levels in children and their parents

    Q Do you have a designated breastfeeding room and baby change table?

    At Entire Physio we are a 'Breastfeeding Welcome Here' center and are happy for you to feed your baby however and wherever you like. We rotate one room every day which is free for more privacy for your feeding if you prefer, please ask our staff if you require this room. We also provide a baby change table in our bathroom.

    Q How does Acupuncture help with my pregnancy symptoms?

    Acupuncture is a safe, holistic therapy which treats both the physical and energetics of a person. Acupuncture can help support you in your fertility journey, pregnancy (including morning sickness), and preparation to give birth.

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