Parent Effectiveness Training (PET)

As Dr Thomas Gordon (creator of PET) says, ‘Parenting is the job for which we receive the least training’ and yet for most of us it is the most important job we will ever have.

This is an extensive course of eight 3 hour sessions run during the school terms in Australia giving proven practical skills and a chance to practice them with coaching to ensure the best success in improving your relationship with your children.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a one on one process where you are guided through the skills you  need to resolve conflict when the other person is not interested in resolution other than getting their own way. Often this will be in tandem with other courses such as PET or SOME or WCMT.

Save Our Marriage Experience (SOME)

Divorce rates are around 50% of all marriages in Australia. The number one reason people cite for separating from their partner are difficulties in communication.

Save your marriage (and the $00,000s it costs to separate) by enhancing your communication skills.

Additional Details

  • Offers After Pay: No
    Q What is Mediation?

    It is a conversation in the presence of a neutral person who helps you keeping the conversation respectful.