Bump It Up is an exciting program of virtual or face to face fitness classes in Canberra for pre and post natal women. We teach you how to exercise throughout pregnancy and beyond. Bump It Up is high energy and helps you to stay active during your pregnancy and fit and strong postnatally.  It’s a safe way to continue exercising while pregnant and return to fitness without damaging your body after your baby is born. And you can do it in person or at home!

We give you an amazing workout while educating you on the changes happening in your body, all with a community of women who can encourage each other and help you through those difficult but exciting times!

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    Q Can I start at any stage during pregnancy?

    As our classes are higher intensity, we need to get you started before you hit 30 weeks of pregnancy.

    Q Can I attend just one session per week?

    We need you to regularly attend 2 classes per week while you are pregnant (it is ok to miss a week here or there due to illness or travel).
    With the hormone relaxin in your system, you are at a much higher risk of injury. Sporadic exercise when you're not pregnant is bad enough but when you're pregnant it again increases your risk of injury significantly.
    For postnatal ladies, we have options to attend 1, 2, 3 or unlimited sessions per week. The most popular is 3 times per week.

    Q What can I expect to do in a Bump It Up pregnancy class?

    Our classes are a mix of cardio (think aerobics, boxing, dance and step classes) and resistance training (like squats, upper body weights, core and pelvic floor work plus stretching) conducted predominantly on the fitball to ensure that your pelvic floor and uterine ligaments aren't being damaged by high impact training. The classes are a little more vigorous than your standard pregnancy yoga/pilates classes, but they are taught so that you can take it easy if you're not feeling great or are new to exercise, or you can take the intensity up a notch if you are super fit and feeling great.

    Q Are your classes only for pregnant women?

    Absolutely not. We offer classes for both pregnancy specific (which are also very beneficial for the postpartum woman to rebuild her core from the inside out) and postnatal specific. Our trainers are pre and postnatal qualified so even if you attend one of our postnatal classes during pregnancy, we can modify all the exercises to make them appropriate to your needs.

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