Bub&Me Physio offers prenatal and postnatal exercise classes, designed and taught by physiotherapists with a passion for women’s health.

We understand the changes that your body is going through. Our classes focus on guiding you safely through your pregnancy and back to strength again postnatally, with carefully chosen exercises and a heap of education.

Stack the cards in your favour for a strong pregnancy, your desired birth and an easier postnatal recovery with our physiotherapist designed classes.

We also offer online prenatal and postnatal classes, that guide you week by week through your pregnancy and postnatal recovery. These can be performed at a time that suits you, from the comfort of your home.

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    Q At what stage in my pregnancy can I start?

    Our prenatal exercise classes are designed for pregnancy and are very safe and functional. Most women start towards the end of their first trimester, but you can start at any stage in your pregnancy and continue up until your baby comes.

    Q What if I am not currently exercising?

    That's ok. The class is run in a way that it suits women with different levels of fitness. You can push yourself as much as you are comfortable to. If you have any discomfort with an exercise you will be offered a modified version or an alternative exercise.

    Q How soon after my birth can I start attending postnatal classes?

    You can start attending as soon as 6-weeks after birth if you have a vaginal delivery without complications. We generally recommend commencing classes after your 6 weeks check up with your doctor and women’s health physiotherapist. If you had a caesarean section then you may want to wait a little longer, and attend around 10-12 weeks postnatally. There is no right or wrong time to join our postnatal classes. We also have many women attend when their baby is 6-9 months old, as the timing works better for them then.

    Q What if my baby gets upset or needs to feed during class?

    Not a worry. You do whatever you need to to look after your baby during class. In fact, we expect that your baby will need a cuddle or more at some point during the hour! Bring whatever you need to help keep your little one happy, such as a matt for your baby to lie on, a bouncer, a snack etc

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